Meet our team of passionate curators dedicated to growing the Northern Colorado film scene.

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JOHN HUNT - Festival Curator and Co-Creator

Ambitious Filmmaker, entrepreneur, World Traveler and Founder of award-winning local film company, Arcadian Pictures. an endless source of creative inspiration with a passion for world issues and progressive thought. Owner of Arcadian Pictures.


DYLAN SINDELAR - Festival Liaison

Author, aspiring filmmaker, and horror aficionado. Just out here to offer anyone and everyone a hand in their creative endeavors.

JESSE NYANDER - Festival Curator and Co-Creator

Accomplished Founder and Curator of Weekend Warriors Film Festival (entering year five), heavily involved in local film projects and organizations, with a history of curating several successful film-related events. Owner of GhostRunner Films.


HANNAH BAKER - Festival Coordinator

aspiring filmmaker and indie film guru, heavily involved in the local film scene, representing the newest wave of noco talent. A “jack of all creative trades” for the festival, and creates content for social channels.

KATRINA PFANNKUCH - Development Director

Consultant, brand and content strategist, Professional Writer, Podcaster, and Founder of Creative Mastermind; a network of entrepreneurs and small business owners who meet to identify obstacles, find creative solutions, and support a path of personal growth and success. Owner of Creative Katrina. press contact for hiff.


TAYLOR STROPE - Event Planner

A noco Native and Founder of Mountainside Events, she is intimately connected with the community and possesses a passion for event planning. Her positive energy is contagious and she has a knack for making memories.