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Photo by @listopictures

Photo by @listopictures

After an incredible first year, we now look forward to the 2nd Annual Event…

“With its unique Front Range flair and smashing lineup of shorts, the HIFF holds its own and is well on its way to carving out a spot in the festival circuit.” -Scott Powell, The Collegian

“This is the film festival that Colorado has been missing. The inaugural year of HIFF was incredible; it ran like a festival that's been around for years and you could feel an almost tangible buzz in the air of creatives coming together. The selections and quality of screenings were excellent, with good chances for discussion afterwards, and great opportunities to network with the CO film community. HIFF treats their filmmakers very well and I wouldn't hesitate to submit work in the future.” -Alex Killian, CO Filmmaker

“It’s truly a filmmaker-friendly fest created by filmmakers. Can’t wait to submit again with our next project!” -Sheryl Glubok, CO Filmmaker

“Very passionate people behind it, who give their best to present an interesting selection of films to their audience. Go to this amazing festival- you won't regret it!” -Natalie MacMahon, Germany-based Filmmaker

“The inaugural HIFF may bring NOCO to a tipping point. Or perhaps the intermingling of energized players, vibrant events and devoted audiences is better described as a convergence, uniting several streams of creativity into a potentially mighty artistic current. With HIFF as a new port of entry, there’s no telling what cultural treasures are about to arrive on NOCO’s wharves.” -Lisa Kennedy, NOCO Style Magazine