Please read below for some answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. 

What is HIFF?

HIFF stands for the Horsetooth International Film Festival. Our core passion with this festival is to create more new and opportunities for filmmakers in NOCO, recognize and connect with the the quality talent that is already here, and bring in more diverse, international voices to join the creative conversation. Larger festivals like the Boulder International Film Festival and Telluride give filmmakers the opportunity to compete on and learn from an international community showcasing their work on a worldwide stage. We want to offer that same opportunity here, and to add in music and art, making it an overall well-rounded creative experience.

Our Mission

We want to inspire multi-passionate creatives, provide a platform for voices to be heard and stories to be told. We are excited to help educate and inform, build a more diverse creative community, and spark positive change through knowledge-sharing and creative works. When we come together in the spirit of collaboration and free creative expression, we broaden the potential for innovators all around the world. HIFF was created as the necessary next step to develop and support NoCo’s budding film scene. It provides a platform of greater opportunity for filmmakers looking to take their work to a greater audience through interaction and collaboration with fellow creatives.

What aspects of HIFF make it international?

We felt that making the film festival international was a critical part of our vision. The talent in Northern Colorado is worthy of competing on a global scale, but most talented creatives tend to take their work elsewhere once they achieve that skill level, despite really loving where they live. We also recognize that introducing global talent, other cultures, as well as other ways of thinking and creating, can inspire growth for creatives here. We live in a community where the median age is 35 and highly educated, yet we have very little diversity. Welcoming the international community to share their thoughts and creativity can only help us to develop into an even more inspiring place to be and see.

When and where is The Horsetooth International Film Festival? 

HIFF takes place in three locations in Northern Colorado over the span of three days. 

    • September 6th: Kick-off gala, Fort Collins Museum of Discovery in Fort Collins September

    • 7th: Main Event, The Rialto Theatre in downtown Loveland September

    • 8th: Music Video Category and Closing Ceremonies, The Lyric in Fort Collins

How do I buy a ticket?

You can buy a ticket in person during the festival, online on our website horsetoothfilmfestival.com, through the Rialto Theatre, and day of the event, if there are some left available.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation to and from the venues is not provided directly by HIFF. However, you can take The Max mass transit in Fort Collins, or a bus within Fort Collins or to Loveland.

Is there parking available?

Parking is available at all the venues and it’s first come first serve. In Loveland there’s a FREE parking garage on 2nd Street and street parking available.

Can I buy tickets on the day of the event?

Tickets are available for purchase during the day of each event, if there is capacity left. Each venue has its own capacity limit, and we are working within the guidelines of what’s required for each venue.

Is there food included in the price of my ticket? 

For the Black Tie Gala light appetizers are available on a first come first serve basis, and for the main event the VIP dinner is available only to VIP ticket holders. Otherwise we encourage attendees to explore the respective downtown area that has various food options available.

Are alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available at each venue?

Yes, beverages are available for purchase within each host venue. 

Is HIFF merchandise available for purchase?

Yes! Each venue during the festival will have a merchandise table set up, and you can always purchase items through the website as well www.horsetoothfilmfestival.com.

Is the film festival child friendly? 

Films do contain adult themes and content. The choice is up to you as the parent or caregiver.

Do I have to be 21 to attend? 

Festival goers do not have to be 21 to attend.

What kind of music will be featured at the festival?

There will be various local artists performing during each event. Patti Fiasco will be playing a set after the awards ceremonies at the close of the main event on Saturday, September 7th. You can purchase a ticket just for the evening and concert, if desired.

Where can I download print and online friendly logos and images for HIFF, or the event program?

They are available via a link in the press section of the Horsetooth International Film Festival website.

What are the film categories?

  • Augmented Reality (AR), and 360-Degree Category Films produced in 360for VR, fulldome or other XR technologies

  • "Colorado" Short Film Category Films of any genre filmed in Colorado or produced elsewhere by a Colorado Filmmaker

  • "National" Short Film Category Films of any genre filmed in The United States of America or produced elsewhere by a USA-Native Filmmaker

  • "International" Short Film Category Films of any genre filmed anywhere on or around Planet Earth or produced elsewhere by anyone

  • "International Waivers" Short Film Category Films produced by Filmmakers from countries where submissions are not financially or technically possible due to government imposed restrictions. These films’ entry fees are paid for by donors to the festival.

  • The "One World" Feature Film Category winner will be showcased as our feature presentation at the event.