HIFF's Podcast with The More You NoCo!

Recently, three members from the Horsetooth International Film Festival (HIFF) sat down with Ivan Wayne who runs a podcast called The More You NoCo, a local effort which began “as one Northern Colorado resident’s desire to start a podcast that could bring people together and cultivate interest in their neighbors and people around them.”

We’re happy to have had the opportunity to answer some of the community’s questions about HIFF, what we’re trying to accomplish, and what we can all expect in our inaugural year!

Click on the link below to learn more to check out the podcast and learn more about the festival!

“Did you know an International FIlm Festival is not only coming to Northern Colorado, but it’s starting here? This episode features John hunt, Katrina Pfannkuch, and Jesse Nyander of the Horsetooth International Film Festival, aka HIFF. The are looking for submissions and people to help build this festival happening along the Front Range that will bring worldwide cinema and art together.

Beer festivals are common around NoCo, but this film festival is going to be aw3esome and incredibly unique. Film is more than just going to see a movie. This event is way more than just films.”

-Ivan Wayne, Podcaster for The More You NoCo

Jesse Nyander, Co-Creator of HIFF

Jesse Nyander, Co-Creator of HIFF